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      Guangdong holds conference on rural areas’ high-quality development

      02/15/2023 Source: newsgd.com


      On February 13, Guangdong held a conference on high-quality development for counties, towns and villages, and coordinated urban-rural development.

      Huang Kunming, Party Chief of Guangdong, addressed at the conference that the High-quality Development Project for Counties, Towns and Villages is a major strategic plan Guangdong should uphold to boost rural revitalization and achieve the coordinated development between urban and rural areas.

      According to Huang, Guangdong will make efforts to increase grain output and reduce losses, establish a diversified food supply system, and expand food sources in multiple ways.

      Huang stressed the need to rely on both science and technology and reform, and that Guangdong will deepen reforms in the rural land system, the rural collective property rights system and the new agricultural businesses system.

      Huang indicated that Guangdong would further improve the living environment in rural areas and build a beautiful and harmonious countryside that is desirable to live and work in.

      Huang added that Guangdong shall spare no effort to boost the development of county seats and pursue higher-level coordinated urban-rural development, cultivate competitive industries and improve public infrastructure and services in county seats, and make public services more accessible in towns and villages.

      Related government bodies and business representatives attended the meeting and outlined plans for relevant work.

      Author | Abby

      Editor | Wing, Olivia, Nan, James